Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

people in detail

 and they said, life goes on.
and life went on.
i didnt even realize it.
they tell you, time will heal.
dumbest shit i've ever heard.
but you're getting used to the pain and getting kinda numb to it.
i thought i'd die without you, but i didn't.
now we seem so far apart, that it's hard to imagine we were so close not too long ago.
three years.
the first two years really felt like dying.
every new day was hard to take.
every day it felt a bit worse.
i fought a war against myself.
in the third year there were some days where i not wanted to die. but still i was desperate.
don't know how much longer i could've take this, if not the wolf had come and saved me.
if it was not him now....
he makes me a better person.
he makes me try harder every day to learn to deal with relationships, accepting love and not feeling the need of misuse and disdain in it.
it's tough.
but i'm better than i thought..

but then stilll...
every now and then...
i think about us and what used to be and how crazy we loved each other.
still i can't forget about you.
today i heard this song, it reminded me of the time we broke up for the last time.
still upsets me.
why must it always be this way??

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