Eigene Charaktere

Basil & Lilith

with his little racoon "Coon" and his basil plant.
knowbody knows where he came from or how he came here, but one day Lilith wakes up and Basil is there.
he is absolutely in love with Lilith and tries to protect her from her self-destructive ways.
he would do anything for her.
he's reticent but very lovable, good-hearted and cute.
Lilith secretely believes he's an angel who was sent to her to save her life.

in the past Basil lived in a turquoise world in a little house on a hill.
sometimes he still thinks of these times.
but he loves Lilith too much to leave her and go back.
he dreams of one day taking her with him into his world, where no drugs or harm exists and live happily ever after...

 Likes                                                                     Dislikes
  Lilith                                                                 not being with Lilith
basil plants                                                                   drugs

Lilith is a selfish, cold, self-destructive, agressive 23-year old woman with a few addiction problems.
at a first glance.
She has beautiful green eyes, full lips and black hair cut into a bob with longer hair in front.
she's a smoker, drinks a lot of coffee and alcohol.
to make a living she models, which introduced her to a world of drugs, no time and fast sex.
she's not a friend of ralationships, love or any of those things and in other ways as well very grumpy.
maybe because she knows love and the hell it brings.
but that was long ago, now she makes boys cry.

she's a real pessimist.
in the beginning she just wonders about Basil's presence, but in a while she becomes fond of him, though she wouldn't show him not for anything in the world.
secretly she believes he's an angel sent to watch over her and keep her from killing herself with her way of life.
Lilith always wants to make her drug addiction appear harmless, but everyone thinks it will kill her in a not too little while.

      Likes                                           Dislikes
      coffee                                      human kindness
smell of basill plants                              people
       beer                                                love
        sex                                        getting up early
                                                     getting up at all
                                                    LOTS of other stuff....


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