Montag, 1. August 2011

amy, how sad...

Amy Winehouse, pencil on paper, 31/07/11
I'm back!
i didn't mean to let this end, but there was so much to do that included to terminate the contract for internet and phone.
and there were too many things i had to take care of, really important things.
otherwise i would not still live in my flat, maybe screwed up my relatioship just cause of self-hatred and probably the whole other shit.
but thanks to my mum, who proved once more she'd do anything for me, i got it all together somehow.
so anything goes now, i live together with my man, who stick to me eventhough the last weeks were terrible for the both of us.
we married on a saturday on a festival.
it was raining 3 days, but it didn't matter to us.
it still were the greatest 5 days.
the fusion is great, i wish we could live there forever, it's a whole other parallel existence there.

well, i can't stop drawing amy winehouse, i'm still very upset about her death.
strange how you can feel truly sad about someone you didn't even know.
a so talented, youg lady left much too early...
i don't know exactly why she's naked and why i didn't want to draw her blake-tattoo.
maybe cause i read she wanted to get rid of it anyway...
i hope i manage to colourize it soon!

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