Dienstag, 30. November 2010

nightmares again

today was a good day.
didn't expect that after such a terrible night.
i dunno what it is, that i lately dream of blood and me cutting heads of or getting ripped or whatever.
this whole nightmare thing is nothing new, but before it was not that bloody and detailed.
they murdered my family, but there wasn't so much blood and i didn't see their organs fly around.
so every half an hour i woke up, sweating, gasping, with racing heart.
when i think about it now i wonder how i got anything done today.
good to have a wolf next to you to make you know everything is allright.
i hope this won't go on all night again.

i thought i'm done with this.......

i love my job.
i love my man.
and i got people around who love me.
what do i want more!?
strange how much you can take when there is someone you can rely on, who loves and cares for you and is definitely letting you know it.
otherwise i would've refused already with all that stuff i gotta do.
but he makes me want to get my shit together.

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