Montag, 1. November 2010

all my evils

all my evils, '10
it was bound to happen...
i tried too hard to avoid it.
i threw one of my fits.
it was too much of everything.
i threw a fit and he's been there for me.
he was perfect.
didn't got angry, did not went away, he stayed and held me.
ignoring my remarks how much i hate him and want him to leave.
he knew i was lyin' and was not too proud to fail  to hear this shit.
my eyes hurt.
half an hour later he talked about how we could celebrate our jubilee in a few months and that he wants to invite me for dinner tomorrow.
like i didn't cry and yelled at him, insulted him, told him that i want to be without him.
can anyone believe that?
how great, understanding and patient can one man be?
my arms look terrible.
i'm tired.
he made me feel like it's okay. that i won't lose his love for this bullshit.
he loves me with all my evils.
i never met a greater man...

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