Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

even my boyfriend says there's sumthing really wrong with my brain

very old and not very good.
can't count the innumerable times i drew my moon.
i remember every single time he broke my heart like it's been yesterday.
he was my inexhaustible muse.
the fuel to my fire.
it still fuckin' hurts.
he will never understand what he did to me.
too bad.

and the one i should think about now just wrote me that he loves me.
without reason, just to tell me.
i can't remember the moon doin' that.

what the FUCK is the matter with me, that i can't just accept how happy i am!?
"you're like the root to my evil,
u let my devil come out me,
you let me beat the shit out u,
before u beat the shit out me.
and no matter how much, too much is never enough.
maybe cause we're crazy in love?"

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